At Kruto we are passionate about simplifying Meetings and Events and putting the customer at the centre of everything. We do this by embracing new technology enabling the customer to work at his or her own pace and removing friction points like payment and many other administrational tasks

Jose Amat
Managing Director

I'm the guy that stays awake at night thinking of ways we can improve your business. It's my passion to create the most seamless UI that helps users of Kruto stand out from the competitor and your business the most efficient it can be so your staff can focus on the customer, not the admin.

Mike McKeon

Tired of the long process to book a simple meeting room I was compelled to develop Kruto taking inspiration from the simplicity and speed of booking Hotel Tonight is able to achieve on a Hotel bedroom. It has taken me a couple of years to bring it to life and I'm very proud that a room can now be booked in a matter of seconds  Get in touch >


Three years ago we posted the following on a blog :


Why does it seem so difficult to book a meeting room? I can book almost any type of bedroom on a hotel's website but it is rare to be able to book a simple meeting room with some refreshments without entering into a complicated contract.


We’ve seen the world change all around us within the hospitality and travel industry, and all kinds of cross-pollination of ideas from other sectors; we’ve seen tech advance faster that we could ever imagined but the ability to book a meeting room as quick and easy as a hotel bedroom seems hard to find.


When we spoke to industry colleagues, they told us not to worry; technology will make meetings obsolete; social media, video conferencing, conference calls are the way forward. We disagree…


Why do we meet face to face? There are some things that are just  better face to face, if geography and time allow it.


Things tend to get done, stuff happens.  You can read body language, you tend to get a greater level of participation (who knows what level of multi-tasking is going on during a voice conference call!); and we get a chance to remind ourselves that it is just great to meet people face to face!


Crowded coffee shops? Yes, there is a place for that meeting but we have all regretted that choice of venue at some point in the past.



We can do almost anything on our smart phones but book a space to have a meeting in a professional location at short notice? Not as slick as we thought. Not as easy as a pizza or a restaurant table…


Why can’t we just make it simple? Everything else has moved on, where is the platform for meeting rooms?


Then we looked at all that space that remains underutilised we saw folks trying to close business deals or demo products to the sound of …. Is that grime or post dub- step?


There must be a way of providing a simple, low cost platform that can power this ? Give a total technology solution that enables you to reach out to your market as you know best and enable them to book a room swiftly, secure payment and communicate with them throughout the journey, maximising upselling opportunities?



This is us



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